Laughing at the Unknown

“I suppose if we couldn’t laugh at things that don’t make sense, we couldn’t react to a lot of life.” – Hobbes the Tiger

I have been inspired.

Cliché right?

You are right. It is cliché. So let’s move on.

I think what’s interesting is the ‘what’ of the matter. What inspired me? To what end? What if the inspiration leaves me?

A cartoon, I don’t know, and it will.

But if you’ll allow me to stop pressing enter there might be some more depth to the matter. I’m not going to make promises, like this is the one thing I’m going to finally keep doing. (Note to self: Make work out plan to implement on New Years Day.) Nor can I claim I’ve discovered something worth everyone’s time. Simply put, I make observations. Often times, it comes back to haunt me. Sometimes, it is received well. Ultimately,  it’s just how I see the world. I won’t claim significance in what I say because at the end of the day they are just words from a flawed observer. Seriously though,  you should try on my glasses. My eyesight is awful. However, I do believe there is some significance in the idea. What is that idea?

What brings you joy?

I love my parents more than I could ever express. They have taught me many things about life, but they have never taught me what’s right and what’s wrong. To be clear,  when I almost failed the fourth grade I was punished. And when I made it on the top soccer team in the city, I was rewarded. But those were symptoms of much better parenting.

They taught me where to find joy.

You see, when you know where to find joy the rest falls into place. I felt disappointed and disgusted when I did what was wrong. I felt accomplished when I did what was right. But through all of it I felt loved and cared about. This is because the joy my parents taught me about abounds in all circumstances. Tears of happiness and sadness. Stomach pains of sickness and laughter. Seasons of fellowship and loneliness. On top of the World Trade Center or broken down in Kansas. Joy was present through all of it.

That is why I laugh at the unknown. Not because I feel shallow and have run out of other emotions to express how mystery envelops my daily life. But because I find true, deep rooted, joy in the little things. Why? Because my Creator made the little things. He designed them for us to enjoy and delight in Him. How amazing is our infinite God; yes that He parted the Red Sea,  but also that He gave me a laugh that matches my name (Isaac means he who laughs in Hebrew. Look it up.) He gave us tools of discovery like sight, sound, taste, feeling, a mind, a spirit, and a soul to observe like a child the Lord of the big…

and the small.

So this is a blog about observations. My observations. Flawed and imperfect. So that the perfection and joy of Jesus might be seen in all things; particularly the unknown.


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