That’s Saol

My best friends name is Peaches in my phone. It always has been. I have several of his shirts that he does not intend to get back. One of those shirts says Peaches on it. Meanwhile my “Sir Isaac” towel is somewhere in Wyoming. He doesn’t have a “Sir Isaac” shirt.

Nicknames are a funny business. And based on the difficulty it can be finding a good one I think it is appropriate to call it a business. But my best friends nickname is Peaches so I think it’s also still funny.

Guess what I want but I’m never gonna beg for it… a nickname. -Marcel the Shell (with shoes on)

The only difference between Marcel and this blog is this blog begged for a name. “You cannot leave this field blank”. Watch me. OK, never mind. I’ll name it.

Saol (pronounced sail) is an Irish Gaelic word. I’m barely Irish and it’s the only Gaelic word I know. (This was concluded after I researched “blarney” and found out it is an English word. “Stone” was obviously English.) It means life, or sometimes soul. Sounds like a pretty cool name for a blog, right? Or maybe even a longboard?

That’s originally where the name came from. I ordered my board in the mail and knew it was going to be green and Irish-y (see picture). So I asked my part Irish friend, “Google, what’s a good Irish name?” After much research I came up with a boy name and a girl name. The girl name started with an “A” or maybe an “E” and the boy name was “Saol”. Every time I tell people it means soul or life they just say “awesome” like it actually means something deep. Noone has ever asked, “why is that important to you?”

Truth is,  it’s not. Not only did I not have a significant reason for naming my board Saol, I didn’t even research enough to use the coolest form of Irish Gaelic life: Beatha.

And this is the way to eternal life (beatha), to know the one true God,  and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. -John 17:3

Most assuredly I say to you,  he who hears my word and believes in Him who sent me has eternal life (beatha) – John 5:24

The tree of life (beatha) was in the midst of the garden… – Genesis 2:9

“I loathe my life (saol) because of the Hittite women.” – Genesis 27:46

See where I’m going with this?

I guess as Frank Sinatra once said “That’s life (saol).”

Nevertheless, WordPress was kind enough to give space for a tagline… or the nickname of the nickname, given that the second nickname is longer than the first and describes everything slightly better. It’s like calling someone by their full name. The letter combination that makes me,  me,  is not just Isaac, but Isaac James Herold. Hence “Observations from life” for the tagline. Epic, right?

So here it is. Saol: Observations from life. Named after a longboard. Inspired by a cartoon. Written on an android. I suppose saol starts to make more sense then beatha anyways. My longboard,  that cartoon, and my phone will pass away in this short saol. But praise be to God who is the Creator of them all and the Author of my beatha.

I suspect you’re wondering if there was any deep wisdom learned from this entire story. The answer is yes: I am going to do far more research before I name a child.

The End.


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